Code Description Case
380100311 Sterile“Cervex-Brush®” 2.500 Pcs.
The collection of cells with “Cervex-Brush®” provides a clear and standard sample to accurate early diagnosis of cervical cancer.
The reliability of smears obtained by Cervex-Brush reduces the need to repeat the test by 30%. The Cervex-Brush is made in PE has a total length of 20 cm.The upper part uses a soft flexible brush to obtain cell samples composed by 57 semi-circular plastic bristles of various lengths. The shape is such that upper edge of the brush follows the contours of the cervix . The central bristles longest reach in depth of the endocervical canal. The shorter bristles touch both the ectocervical area that the processing area at the same time. The cellular material adheres to the flat side of the bristles so it can be smear in a perfect ‘track’ on the slide.The softness of the material ensures that there is no internal damages causing loss of blood and unsatisfactory smears as result.